Tips for Your First Dance
Here is a sample of the tips for your first dance that we would like to share with you:

1: Investigate the dance space prior to the dance.  Try dancing on it with similar shoes.  Note the space you have and other features of the area. For example, polished marble is very slippery and you wouldn't want to discover this on the spot.

2: If possible, talk to the banquet hall manage and get measurements of the dance floor.  You can practice in a similar space elsewhere.

3. The wedding party should not be included in the first dance.  This is the moment for the newly weds to shine.  Consider a second song for the wedding party.

4. Brides should give their flowers to the Maid/ Matron of Honor before the dance. 

5. If the bride has a wedding train, have it pinned to her wrist before the dance.

6. Discuss with the DJ or band leader logistics, such as; where you will enter, where you will exit, when the music should start, and the volume of the music.

7. Remind wait staff not to cross the floor while you perform your first dance. (A sad fact, but today you cannot trust people to know the obvious).

8. We recommend that you dance to recorded music. This way you know what to expect.  If you absolutely have to to dance  to live music (say under threat of death), demand a copy of EXACTLY how the band will play your first dance song.  Remember, while you may have never thought that the song The Way You Look Tonight was non-Latin, your first dance is not the place to discover this band has composed it into a salsa.

9. Remind the Photographer/Videographer to get full shots of our body.  This means to include the feet!  Dancing uses the whole body and it should not be overlooked. You worked hard to look good and you should not crop out the whole picture.  (You can always do that later in Photoshop anyway).

10. Perform the first dance in the beginning, just after they announce you as you enter. This way you can eat without the butterflies of your first dance. 

11. Sign up early for one of the Wedding Packages to learn more and to ensure that your first dance is fabulous....

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